Our coffee is to be enjoyed as it is made – thoughtfully.

Bona Fide Bean Coffee Co. is a hands-on, quality-focused coffee roaster out of Vaughan, Ontario. Our philosophy is simple, we roast for good. Our approach to sourcing and cupping coffee allows us the platform to harness the best features of the beans and showcase the coffee producers.

We believe every coffee has a story and a personality, so we aim to source our beans with traceability and transparency. We concentrate our efforts on mastering and executing the craft of roasting. Our pursuit for the perfect cup culminates into an elaborate cycle of delicate roast adjustments, followed by intensive cupping sessions to capture the full potential of the coffee bean’s innate characteristics.

In short, our team at Bona Fide Bean Coffee Co. is committed to share delicious coffee with you – without compromise. Find your new favourite coffee now!