Are You a Coffee Snob?

Are You a Coffee Snob? Here are the Top Telltale Signs That You Are

Does your heart skip a beat every time you hear the word coffee? If coffee runs through your veins, there is a high chance that you are a coffee snob. While the term snob is not really something negative in this sense, expect that you will become the subject of whispers among baristas every now and then. But, what really makes a person a coffee snob?

You are Picky Where You Get Your Coffee

Aside from your own home kitchen, you have a favorite coffee place that makes just the right coffee for your taste buds. If your friends invite you for coffee somewhere else, you feel hesitant. After all, not all coffee is made equal and you debate about it again and again.

You Can Tell if Something is Missing Right Away

You are a true coffee expert. Even the tiniest sip lets you detect if there is something missing in it. You are the kind of person who goes back to the coffee shop simply because the espresso is not enough or your cup has too much foam.

You Don’t Ride on the Latest Coffee Trends

While others are raving about the seasonable pumpkin-flavored frappuccino, you are waiting for your favorite masterpiece at your favorite coffee every single day. You are not amused with the latest coffee trends and you are perfectly fine with that.

Your Coffee and Your Favorite Mug Always Go Together

It could be just be something mental but for some reason, you feel like your coffee is not complete if not in your favorite mug. While it doesn’t affect the taste, you travel to your own coffee wonderland every time you take a sip. On top of that, you don’t like it when someone else uses your mug.

You Smile When You Smell Coffee in the Morning

Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of smelling coffee the moment you wake up in the morning. This serves as your motivation to get out of your warm bed. When weekends come, you just enjoy your coffee under your warm covers and plush pillows.

You Stay Away from Interactions While Drinking Your Coffee

There is simply no talking to you while you are not yet finished with your coffee. You avoid all sorts of human contacts, with the barista being the only exception, since you will unleash your evilness if you don’t get your macchiato. Those people who are really close to you will know this trait of yours really well.

You Place Your Order When All Your Friends are Done with Theirs

This is because you have lengthy requests. You have a tongue twister order and you always get teased about it. It is not easy to achieve perfection so you don’t mind if you have to repeat your order several times before it comes out right.

You Cry Over Spilled Coffee

The last but definitely not the least sign of being a coffee snob is not being able to hold back your tears when you spill your coffee. For you, it feels like your hard work went to waste in just a few seconds.